See. Better. Diving.

Optik Pingel has been providing better vision under water for over 50 years. Seeing is our most important sense when diving: read instruments such as dive computers and gauges sharply, use the compass to find your bearings, orient yourself and keep an eye on the buddy.

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When taking pictures and filming, the challenge is to operate the camera display, adjust the lighting and set the scene in scene. Without good vision, this can mean stress. With optical glasses from Optik Pingel in the diving mask you improve safety, control, orientation – and of course your fun diving.

Our five just in case

Distance: € 110,- per lens or thinner €130,-

Remote correction up to 45 years:

  • Nearsightedness down to -15.0 dpt.
  • Farsightedness up to +7.0 dpt.
  • Astigmatism up to ± 6.0 dpt.
  • Higher values ​​on request

Distance correction +: € 110,- per lens or thinner € 130,-

Distance correction for 45+:

For short-sighted people aged 45+ who can read better without proofreading on request, we can shorten the optical binoculars in the lower area of ​​the diving mask. Dive computers and instruments can then be read through the front glass of the mask without correction.

Tip: If you send us a mask, simply tape off the lower third of the front glasses with parcel tape, put on the mask and try until the edge does not interfere with a view into the distance and the taped area is easy to reach when looking close. Finished! Grinding the glasses is a free service from us.

Close: € 75,- per lens or with cylinder € 110,-

Close correction for 45+:

  • Presbyopia up to +3.5 dpt.
  • Astigmatism
  • Ideal for reading dive computers and gauges
  • Optimal for the operation of camera displays
  • Sharp viewing of the monitor from film and video cameras
  • Consideration of personal requirements (height and Size of the near part)

Bifocal: € 245,- per lens or thinner € 265,-

Distance and near correction for 45+:

  • Combination of distant and close vision with separating edge
  • Melted-in part, therefore a visible but not perceptible separation edge at the transition
  • Image jump when changing from distant to near vision
  • Practical solution with the technology from earlier days

Progressive: € 300,- per lens or Premium € 350,-

Varifocal correction for 45+:

  • Stepless vision under water in all areas
  • From -10.00 dpt. up to +7.00 dpt remote strenght possible •Any close addition possible
  • State-of-the-art technology, therefore best comfort
  • successfully tested, look just like above water
  • Blue water, diving partner, dive computer and camera everything at a glance
  • The premium solution!

Special requests for special requirements. No problem!

We would be happy to advise you!