Eye test analysis

Our master Mr. Thomas Jost is responsible for the eye test analysis. Our opticians actively support him with great care and professional competence. With specific questions that are geared towards holistic wellbeing with glasses, we work with you to determine the current need for glasses.

After just three measurements and further analysis, the right eyewear solutions almost automatically result.

Eye test:

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An objective computer measurement is the basis of your glasses thickness. The autorefractometer sends a light through the eye, which is reflected by the back of the eye. With the help of this light reflection, the autorefractometer calculates the ametropia of the eye and outputs pre-values ​​for the thickness of the lenses.

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The fine tuning is then carried out using optotypes. A systematic question / answer process enables a very personal adjustment to your own visual comfort.

In the last step you test the real experience with the new spectacle lens strengths when you test a pair of measuring glasses. The result of this comprehensive test are eyeglass lenses with which you can achieve your best visual performance and feel completely at ease.