We are the specialists

We have also been manufacturing the optical diving masks ourselves for over 50 years. In our workshop, the glass blanks are ground with the desired thickness of the glass after proper centering on a CNC-controlled grinding system. The glasses are given the final inspection and finishing touches by hand.

Then the process continues. With maximum concentration, the fully centered, optical glasses are placed on the inside of the front screen of the diving mask and connected to it. A carrying edge remains visible on the outer edge.

Our system, to mount the correction glass from the inside onto the front glass of the diving mask, is technically optimized, shatterproof and weatherproof.

A finicky final check carefully checks the finished optical diving mask. It is important to us that you have as many great dives as possible with a clear view.

We give you a 5 year guarantee on our processing!

Care tip: Put the diving mask with optical glasses in the event of heavy soiling in water with detergent (e.g. Pril) overnight, rinse, work the edges with a toothbrush and clean dry. If you dare, you can clean the complete diving mask in the dishwasher in the glass aisle (approx. 40 degrees Celsius). To avoid limescale spots during the drying process, remove the diving mask early.

Good to know:
You can use our glasses again. We can detach the optical glasses from the front glasses and work them into another diving mask. Just because you want to change the diving mask, you don’t need new optical glasses if the strength is still right.