Wellness for the eyes

Lenses for glasses are light and thin today.

Annoying stray light as well as cell phone and PC radiation are largely eliminated by anti-reflective coatings. -This is wellness for the eyes.

We are lens specialists

It depends on the glazing. Here we are specialized in both over and under water. Together with you we will find the right glasses for you. For small and large budgets, we have great glasses for every situation.

More information from our premium partner Zeiss Vision:

Special spectacle lens materials such as polycarbonate offer protection during sporting activities. Polarization filters help the eyes to see the colors of nature shine.
More on this under sunglasses and sports glasses.

Wearing glasses has many advantages such as: increased protection against UV radiation, wind and weather, less glare, and good tolerance to dry air from air conditioning systems or dust.

We would be happy to advise you so that you can concentrate on your life with your glasses. Make an appointment now or have a look spontaneously!

The optician himself

In our shop on Oststr. 95 in Düsseldorf we manufacture the glasses in our own workshop. Glass blanks with recipe cut (desired thickness of the glass) are appropriately ground on a CNC-controlled grinding system for individual anantomy and selected frame after the correct centering. The glasses are given the final inspection and finishing touches by hand. With semi-rimmed or rimless frames, we can also change the lenses according to your individual shape after a sample glazing.

Finally, the glasses are fitted into the frame. A final inspection guarantees the optimal connection between the frame and the lenses. This is how we ensure that you will enjoy your glasses for a long time.